Topic: Is all DEAD ?!

Is YH dead already ?!
Because everything works really bad. antime I see crushes on my websites. I had stoped paing for VIP, because there is no real difference anymore. Old Softaculous and non updatable auto scripts, missing files manager now, Email servres dont work... at all. Websites are override anytime when you want to install some CMS or plugins etc..... Now its just for simple easy sites. Web Bilder has also issues and dont work properly. Web Site uploader does not work.... Its just...................Dead. Is it going to be restored ? Improved?

So there will be a point to pay for account.......

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Re: Is all DEAD ?!

It is completely dead, stop paying for it.
And dont even think again in your life to have any relationship with Hostinger or any of their products.

Re: Is all DEAD ?!

Hostinger is still a learning company. While they made a bad choice here, their other brands are living up to their names.

If you want cheap reseller hosting, ScalaHost is doing a really good deal right now for 6 months prepaid at once.

We have moved the community I'll still pop in on here to see how things are going.

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Re: Is all DEAD ?!

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Re: Is all DEAD ?!

The boat is sinking. Lol, but I have YH to thank for giving me a kick start for learning.