Topic: Parked domain - suspened profile


On 09-03-2016 I wrote to you (on chat form), that I would like to delete account, especially parked domain from my suspened profile. Unfortunatelly, this parked domain in YouHosting generated me a pop-up advertisement (reseller) on my domain - information that problem is occures by parked domain on YouHosting I got from reseller.

Abut whath domain I am talking you will see on chat form from 09-03-2016 ( I do not want to show my domain on the forum, yet).

Thank you in advance for your help. I am waiting over 10 days for any feedback.

Re: Parked domain - suspened profile

You cannot delete your account. Youhosting staff do not check this forum. Your best option is to walk away and never come back.

We have moved the community I'll still pop in on here to see how things are going.