Topic: What actually happened to Interdots?

Just wondering...

I noticed a ton of domain name registrars like MediaDots, SmartDots, etc. and also CIPTCHA which appears to also be from them, an image captcha system.

Smartdots is down for maintenance since what appears to be May 2012, while CAPTCHA signup is down for maintenance.

Several of the domain name registrars by Interdots appear to include the CAPTCHA thing yet is impossible to actually complete any of what's offered, which is probably the reason why they went down, either their API broke, their system broke or something like that (it's powered in Flash it seems).

I'm wondering why they disappeared all of a sudden, I'd want to register an domain for testing purposes and such, yet I can't register due to safety check fail.

==courtesy of 1pagerank==
Here's a check on Interdots:
REGISTERED: 19th May 2002
LAST MODIFIED: 20th May 2015
EXPIRES: 19th May 2016

A check on Smartdots:
REGISTERED: 26th June 2001
LAST MODIFIED: 27th June 2015
EXPIRES: 26th June 2016

Seems they are still renewing both domains every year, but they aren't actually doing anything with them for some reason.

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