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Topic: Freenom/OpenTLD Suspended

I myself was a big fan of Freenom but in recent months they have somewhat become what we consider YouHosting to be. Their support desk is empty, the system is glitchy, and I somewhat suspected a something going on behind closed doors. Well I went to login to the Freenom website today and I was greated by a notice at the bottom that finaly pulled the last straw for me on my respect for them. Just as a heads up to all your Freenom/OpenTLD members out there,  they got suspended by ICANN for allegedly regisering domain names similar to thoose that where already reigstered. For exmaple YouHosting.com is owned by Hostinger, they would register YouHostin.com and so on.

We have moved the community http://hosters.cc. I'll still pop in on here to see how things are going.