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So.. this one os review.. and some ask..

Now i have a FREE reseller plan. My costumers every time say me, the website don't work, service tempomary down.. and like this.. Only with a HTML, and very very little script not have problem, but if somebody install a forum, like phpbb, his can't use the website..

So, if i buy a VIP plan, after i don't  have problem with every time down? If i buy vip, and after have same problem.. is a very very poor service.. Please tell me, what i make right now.

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There is not much different with free or VIP. So you are not going to solve those client problems with VIP.

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But how i can fix it? because.. i like the YH.. have to much think.. but the every time downtime is not soo good..

Here is a Hostinger, is from a YH? Yes? Is don't have problem with this? to much people use it..

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YH is owned by Hostinger.

Hostinger sites have a new control panel theme and other features that YH doesn't have right now.

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Are you selling hosting or providing free hosting to your clients?

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Same servers and same errors and issues with vip/svip as with the free plan. Only differences really is there is said to be higher limits(cpu/connection, ect.) but from my experience, there is no difference. The exact same issues are present for all plans, unfortunately.

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YH is expected to launch lots of updates in the coming months ( by the end of the year i think.) I spoke to hostinger about this.

just trying to make Youhosting a better place, A place it was in 2012.

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1. Do a pre-check by testing PunBB on any Free/VIP reseller’s site.
2. Host your forum on any other site and link it with A pointing.

Q. What is the policy for reverting from VIP to Free?

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