Topic: what happened ??!

      hey guys,i go to my admin area of my free reseller account,please see the picture,it says that my domain was NOT pointed to " our server, so services such as FTP, file manager, website builder, email and others will not work. Please set our name servers for your domain and wait 24 hours. You can find our name servers at "Configuration -> Nameservers"
     I did not change any thing on my DNS,i registered the domain at,so I tried to open it,but the whole site is down,as well as
     if the site was down,my registered domain DNS will be affected??

     so i checked my DNS using,i found some problem here:
    Missing nameservers reported by your nameservers    You should already know that your NS records at your nameservers are missing, so here it is again:

    it's MISSING!
    and i am not possible to contact my domain registrar!
    what can I DO?

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Re: what happened ??!

my domain is
and now all of my clients'sites are down too.
i have another master domain added on my account,it was registered in a different place,the DNS was no changed,but however it's the same,i can't open it

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