Topic: problem on main domain

i have some main domains and now one of them not works fine!
most of my free users are using this domain for "YH sub domain" and now non of their web sites work fine!
what should i do?

Re: problem on main domain

hi my best friend smile

this eror not from YH. this problem is of DOT.TK

please Chek your name servers smile


Re: problem on main domain

Your nameservers are not pointed to YouHosting. You should recheck your settings. Maybe your domain has been withdrawn by Dot TK because your domain expired or they say you violated their ToS.

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Re: problem on main domain

Your domain has expired.
When I tried to register that domain in,it says that "Domain still available,but you have to buy through tk shop"

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Re: problem on main domain

Its the domain hosted on YouHosting? If that's the case you were hosting livezilla which is a Livechat Script and its not permited on Youhosting.

YouHosting ToS wrote:

Applications such as, proxy scripts, shell scripts, online gaming scripts, file/image sharing scripts, live chat scripts, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, buxto, torrent scripts cannot be hosted here.

Returning to the topic, i think has taken your domain back. That's why i always say isnt very reliable.

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Re: problem on main domain

A little details here

DNS servers [] [] [] []

Answer records        MX   
preference:    20
    86400s        A    300s        A    300s

Authority records
tk        NS    86400s
tk        NS    86400s
tk        NS    86400s
tk        NS    86400s

That means that it's true has taken the domain back.

The good news is that it's still available to be registered.
But the bad news is that it's now a tk special domain which could be purchased at a minimum of two years at 19.9$.
Sorry. Is it the traffic generated or you just failed to renew it at when you should?

Re: problem on main domain is a scam, always has been and always will. Try using a better free domain/sub-domain service like FreeDNS ( as you can use any of those domains and make a custom, but short domain like "" or "" etc. It's free 100% and they never take your sub-domain away randomly, or even at all!

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