AFAIK newer accounts don't have working SSH. I moved away a year ago when the backups tool still worked. To be honest, I'm not sure it's not too late to move away.

StryHst wrote:

I'm verry sorry about my account's closing. When I wanna use my domain to create a Hostinger account, it says that the domain has been used. What should I do to use the service of Hostinger?

Ask Hostinger why their system doesn't work? You want to sign up with them, not us, remember?


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YouHosting has not been updated for years and as it stands now they are far more likely to shut it down than to update it now.

Could Hostinger update it and make everything as good as or better than it was in 2012? Sure, they have the knowledge and the money. But why would they invest time and resources in a service they know isn't as successful as some of their other avenues?

And why is that too much to ask? Because you're too cheap to get your own infrastructure and expect others to pay everything for you. If you don't like YouHosting, leave. It's what most of us have done. Do you honestly expect Hostinger to pity you and fix everything for you even though you probably aren't even paying them for it?

hostsa wrote:

I am not surprised, You guys are becoming a joke. I've flooded social media with your shit service, good luck in the future "You  make hosting" my [REMOVED]

Who are you referring to as "you" in this case? Neither Eric nor I are representatives of YouHosting or it's parent company, Hostinger. And it has been years since any announcements have been made by YouHosting representatives so I highly doubt they visit this forum anymore.

Have you read the message?


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Webhost wrote:

Actually you can do most this on MOFH, you can set a default .htaccess file that is deployed to hosting accounts on registering in here you can set your own error pages / redirects for error codes (I think 503 is their code for cpu, however it doesnt get displayed often ! ) .   Only thing of note is it is deployed at that point in time so cant then be changed later, so best to get it right first time.

You can set some error pages through the .htaccess customizations, but realistically most error traffic is going to be from account suspension and unused domains, and those show ads from iFastNet and cannot be customized.

ddeveloper wrote:

I got MOFH reseller account activated and I'm getting confused in customizing pages related to registration. Scripts directly run from secure signups. It looks a total mess when a user creates account on your hosting.
Moreover, there is no way your clients can choose from a list of domains to create subdomain which is really bad for your main website's reputation..

They implement a part of the WHM API. Using that solves all those problems.


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The FTP servers have been down for almost a year now. YouHosting is dead in the water, leave if you still can.


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I've switched to MyOwnFreeHost after the signups closed last January and the only thing I regret is not doing so earlier.

MyOwnFreeHost's servers are very reliable (99.9% uptime is common) and fast. Their system is riddled with iFastNet ads and they provide less monetization options than YouHosting. With MyOwnFreeHost, you can only set control panel ads and website ads, whereas with YouHosting you could also set custom error page redirections among other things (although many of those have already been broken in some way).

They do allow you to add your own iFastNet affiliate code to the control panel, but they don't include the affiliate code to most links (as far as I can see) and where they do, they only pay a measly 5% commission (compared to 50% on Hosting24, for example).

On the bright side, this means that MyOwnFreeHost is beneficial to iFastNet as well. That means they are motivated to keep it going and not abandon it like you-know-who did.

Also, moving customers is completely impossible. All you can do is ask them to move. And expect to lose all but your most loyal users in the process. Still, if you had a good stream of new customers, that will probably carry over.

So in short, your revenue and customer base will take a big hit, but you will be able to rebuild on a stronger base.


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I second NameSilo, they are a great and cheap option for gTLD domains. For other domains, you could check for pricing comparisons. … gn-up.html


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You're showcasing features of your service as well as a link to it. This is the very definition of advertising.


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That would require Hostinger to admit that they've abandoned YouHosting. And way more importantly: it would require them to make an official announcement, something they haven't done in three years.

Short version:
Yes, YouHosting is dead and signups probably will never reopen.

Long version:
From 2010 to 2012, YouHosting was updated regularly and new features were frequently being added. Starting from 2013, the new features basically stopped and the last update through any official channel dates back to September 2013.

Since then, the quality has gone down. Features have broken down, server uptime went down and support took longer and longer to respond to messages.

This became even more apparent in the end of Summer 2015. In August, the signups for YouHosting have closed down. The message refers to a "signup limit" but as far as I know no-one has actually been able to create a reseller account since then.

As of September, FTP has broken down too, so it's impossible to access the files in any account (save for a very unstable web-based file manager). It was said to be a "temporary issue" and "solved within a week", but the issue still hasn't been fixed so far.

However, in January 2016, the nail was put in the coffin by breaking the e-mail system (so new user registrations couldn't be confirmed) and the DNS manager (so new accounts couldn't be visited by people). This combination made it impossible to welcome new users, which was the tipping point for most resellers.

Within the two weeks after that, most resellers jumped ship. Some of the bigger YouHosting resellers have announced they will move to Hostinger's free hosting platform (Hostinger is the company behind YouHosting). And those who weren't invited have moved to their own servers or moved to MyOwnFreeHosting, a service similar to YouHosting.

Considering this trend, it's very unlikely that Hostinger will update YouHosting. Everyone has abandoned it. So do yourself a favor and move on.

But if you just came here for a chat, be sure to check out, where we have moved the community to!


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Yes, it's dead.

You can't "earn likes", you win them by convincing users to like your page. However, if only the likes count matters, you can probably buy them from some botnet owner, because the number of likes is irrelevant if you actually want to promote content.

blacksector wrote:

Wow, 3 years after I login and YouHosting is basically dead. Huh, interesting easter present hahaha. Well it was at one point a very thriving and vibrant community and place to be. Its a little unfortunate now.

Well, sh*t happens I guess.

Is there an official place that was setup for all YouHosting Forum members?

Yep, we've moved to now.

Using the menu conveniently called Subdomains?

BoxBilling's theming system is as powerful as it's undocumented and the default looks are just standard templates converted for use in BoxBilling. Whereas other billing systems tend to custom write their default looks in such a way it's easy to add your own header, footer, colors and fonts, BoxBilling is mostly Bootstrap which means you get really bad conflicts if you add your own styles to it.

In short, I don't think that there is an easy way.

nathanjshilton wrote:

That may be the case, however many do not have the technical knowledge or time to decode the licensing system on BoxBilling, so many people still purchase a life time licence as it is well cheaper than purchasing monthly, yearly etc.

Yes, because it requires so much technical knowledge to a replace the contents of a file with other contents which are just given to you.

Domkalan is right, posting here is pointless. In addition to the info at, you could also try to contact the support of I can't guarantee that they'll deal with it promptly, but at least they'll see it quickly.


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FireBZ wrote:

Stop submit threads! Its useless, i hope that youhosting will gone soon!

evmguy wrote:

YH is not worth trying.

If you read the question, you'd see he's just trying to take down abuse content. It's not "useless" if people are being harmed by a site and not "trying" when you're taking something down.

I would just suspend the entire account and be done with it. Alternatively, you could actually see what the content is about and check which IP it's pointing to. Maybe you can find some alternative indication there.


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It's very observant of you that the hosting doesn't work. Welcome to YouHosting.

Hey Eric, I can't seem to be able to sign up to the forum, it says my IP address is banned. I PM-ed you the IP, could you please unban it?

As far as I know, Hostinger has never closed anything. They don't close, they abandon and let it die slowly. After all, what's the benefit of shutting this down?

I agree that you should move as soon as possible, but I don't think that you need to hurry because YouHosting will go dark completely. The migration of big resellers to the Hostinger platform will also take time and YouHosting will undoubtedly stay open until that's completely done.

nAture wrote:

I don't have a custom title....

You do, you are listed here as "Senior Member" which is a custom title set by a moderator.

Edit: not only the member thingy was changed: