Am pretty he wouldn't get any reply from them

Everyone on this forum shifted over there you should too... 

Forget about this forum and join

May be but they ruined our trust

I would recommend you to stop using YouHosting services

YouHosting is almost dead no one is active here and they don't really care about users at all.

Ha ha are you still hosted on YouHosting ?

May I know the name if its cheap

I was wondering if anyone still working with YouHosting ? or all of you shifted to another forum ?


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Why don't you use cheap domain names like .pw, .in, .club etc ?

At this time Payumoney and CCAvenue are the best option gateways in India, we have been using them from last 2 years no issues at all


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MOFH is getting worst day by day but their WHMCS API is good for white leveling as hans said