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My post count is enough for the free upgrade...

New Limits

- Max clients = 0
- Max client websites = 0
- Max MySQL connection/hr = MySQL has gone away.
- Max FTP connection = Port 21 is permanently off.

So what are you selling? Is it the domain name?


Today we want to announce special .xyz Domain sale!

Now it's your chance to be a part of Generation XYZ a whole new generation inspired by the Internet with no boundaries. Share your passion, knowledge and express yourself to everyone, everywhere! Get .xyz domain name for only £0.67 here http://www.hostinger.co.uk/free-xyz-domain

We are also glad to announce that we have joined a fast-growing Bitninja family. Bitninja is a tool developed in order to defend servers from all kinds of attacks and hacking activity, which will lead to more stable and secure servers for you to grow your business on. Currently, Bitninja has been deployed on all of our paid servers.

Upgrade for the Premium Hosting! Use special coupon code: XYZDOMAIN and get 55% discount!

Obtaining the discount is very easy:

1. Login to the Hostinger members area at https://cpanel.hostinger.co.uk/
2. Order any service (except for VPS)
3. Enter the coupon code: XYZDOMAIN

This coupon is valid till 2016.04.24 and can't be applied on renewals and VPS plans.


I hope you will get the solution, but am sorry, not from Hostinger.


I signed off facebook. How can we meet guys?


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And now packed on a supersite....

I hope you will not require any agreement!! Though am contented with my $0 state! Free house, food, WiFi.... I don't need much.



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NikoCodey wrote:

I can provide you good reseller for $15/year. PM me.

Can I offer free hosting and use SSL with this, please?


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Even several years ago, back in 2012, there is a profile I wanted deleted, when support was active, but they could not help. I had to leave it as such. So I recommend that you http://oi67.tinypic.com/2lmqdxl.jpg


I think we gonna move...


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tongue That is the correct YouHosting. If I get time I may send you more content. By the way, you can have an active signup page that does not go to YH, but to your spam mailing list....(Never try this at home).


And you should have added this banner on the homepage.....in place of the original.

You are too late. YouHosting is already dead.


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Well, I thought I should shift, I have two domain names on sale now:
hostmy5.com is 3 months old
trimratech.com is 2 weeks old.

Anybody in need you can bid.

So, there is nothing you can do.

Check out this forum. Check the image attatched.


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Today I got the cause of the error. In my discovery, this is the series of events that made me aware. There is no error with the software, actually it is working very normal.

  • I logged in with firefox and when firefox asked to save my password (with empty username), I accepted, while adding my username.

  • I cleared my browser history and everything (but passwords remained)

  • I opened the forum url

At this point, the network I had was very slow, so the page was loaded without css. Then I realised the login form had three fields, (I have never even thought about checking source), the first being username was empty, second labled "Anti SPAM check. Do not fill this field" was filled with my username and the password field was prefilled.
I knew this is the error. I filled username field and submitted and reproduced the warning, then was able to login.

Are you violating YH or is it YH violating you?? Just thinking...


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I like the banner. I think it is worth having it hung even on our avenues..

Am sharing server with FireBZ, though I think he is not aware. He can tell you more.

Hans wrote:

But so many already have $5 VPS!

Really so many!!

This is YouHosting. PM me for a free cPanel account for your main site.

NikoCodey wrote:

There are none left, they all left because of poor service.
I'm using a paid reseller now.

Same case...

By the way it is weird, not even emai address to reach them? Same case to all hostinger environment. They contact you with a "no-reply" email...


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With a free domain from hostinger...... next? Well let us not mind that. I hope it has people searching on your site.