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why would the servers suddenly start working again though and why would they fix them?
one year too late though and this is probably false hope

maybe they should just completely reboot the project instead of working on something they can't really fix considering everyone's left YH

not much will be lost

You can't sign up
No FTP access
No official updates since 2013

etc. etc.

Armand go and join hosters.cc and make the thread there this board is really dead so no one will see it sadly


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yeah that's seem to be the truth now sadly although there fixing stuff apparently.


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there actually updating stuff now for some reason now apparently


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You might want to post on hosters.cc this site is pretty dead at the moment...


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pastit & Harry you should join on the hosters.cc community, just saying smile


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I am sorry for your loss. sad


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You shall not fool us smile


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Move to MyOwnFreeHost, YouHosting is like an April Fools' Joke now.

If you still want to keep in contact with our community please move to http://Hosters.cc


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What is the exploit? Just wondering...


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No, there is not.
YouHosting is dead, please move on - all of us have done so, now.


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YouHosting tells you that they won't help or resolve the problem because they consist of a bunch of wallies who don't know what they're doing.

Don't use it.

wink ~Cammy


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Let's launch all users into the hosters.cc community and now we can forget about this site.
Even though this site, we had five years of it, it's now to a close. Long live YH Forum/Community and take to the successor.

~ Cammy

Slightly turn around the thing that looks like a H, it looks a little odd. Otherwise, I think it's pretty nice smile

For me, the only forums which are open are some of the Customisation and Integration, and some of Off-Topic, otherwise everything is shut.

Good luck at hosters.cc make sure we all invite other people onto the sites too!


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That's the whole reason I decided to suggest the new community and it's going to work.

I didn't want to lose contact with any of you, and since everyone was leaving YouHosting Forum gradually, I suggested it and people returned again with it.


@fvsegarra We set this up because we wanted a place to discuss general hosting/technology/Internet, it's too cramped having everything on a company forum, this opens more opportunities. If YouHosting is just deteriorating and not closing, what's the use of the service anymore? It's obviously not making enough money for Hostinger.

@FireBZ Agreed! In fact, searching this website, I don't know where this information about them updating ever came from in the first place but it was rumoured to happen from February 2015.

Make sure you suggest to the categories and forum list too I want this to get started.

As you say, wait until the new hosters.cc is ready, Fhk


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b724044 wrote:

Why close the topic if server not works!!!

YouHosting is dead, it doesn't work and no admin is to seeing it.
Pay for reseller hosting and do not use this shite.

http://forum.youhosting.com/topic9060-y … hread.html

I just joined the group, I use a Terminator avatar, which makes it fairly obvious who I am.

I wonder how Member changed to Banned though, seems quite odd how that happened, especially considering it's a custom title.
This is going off topic I'm waiting for the new community to get started.

I vote MyBB mostly because I found you can't do stickied threads in Vanilla (even though otherwise it's a very nice software), and because we can't use a paid software at the beginning even though it would be beneficial it might seem a waste of money at the first time, when it gets bigger though.

funny how it's only been since this thread was made everyone was banned from this forum

YouHosting only allow 128x128 and so to make the Cammy image work I had to use 128x117 or something like that.
I saw your point on my own site since my image is extremely too large on there.
@raouf I hope to see you on the new community smile