Hostinger chief  Stuopelis responded to my requests for comment on LinkedIn, saying that it would be calling in law enforcement to investigate. He wrote: “At Hostinger and 000webhost we are committed to protect user information and our systems. We are sorry and sincerely apologize we didn’t manage to live up to that. In an effort to protect our users we have temporarily blocked all access to systems affected by this security flaw. We will re-enable access to affected systems after an investigation and once all security issues have been resolved.

“Our users sites will stay online and will be fully functional during this investigation. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities once our internal investigation has been completed. We advise our customers to change their passwords and use different passwords for other services.

“We became aware of this issue on the 27th of October and since then our team started to troubleshoot and resolve this issue immediately. We are still working 24/7 in order to identify and eliminate all security flaws. Additionally we are going to upgrade our systems in a close future. We hope we get back the service to our users soon.

“Our other services such as Hosting24 and Hostinger are not affected by this security flaw.” … 954cc17c18 … passwords/

Right now, it's offline with a "Service Temporarily Unavailable" message


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My domain was suspended for inactivity. Is there any way to un-suspend it? Can I use this domain with another youhosting account?

Yes if you register an exact match domain or something you can offer your users a subdomain on that so that you don't get penalized by host for the questionable sites you are probably inevitably going to host. (It's hard to monitor all the spam after all)


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Because of the considerable spam and the fact that people using free domains often has no idea on how to run a webhosting service, they blocked and presumably other free domains like .cf, .ml and .ga from being used as master domains. The only domains you can use are gTLDs like .com, .net and .org that you have to pay for.


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None of the IPs on my end are blocked. I am using Time Warner Cable NYC. Anyone have any issue with it?


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Fortunately only some servers are hosted on this IP. I have two master domain and in some governmental/public-funded computers one of my master domains are blocked while the other one hosted on a different server isn't. It's a matter of luck, isn't it?

That would be a welcome improvement.v How are you sure?


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Can non-VIP members use live chat?


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Thanks tavoid. And everyone thanks for your input. I am looking into it after my registrar has answered.


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Tavoid wrote:
Eric wrote:

VIP accounts don't get suspended for inactivity?

Maybe his VIP expired and his account was suspended.

Yes my account hd VIP until 5-2013 I believe so that makes sense. I had enough posts to go another year though. Is there any way to reopen the account


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Do they actually respond this way or is it as bad as support?

I agree with the general consensus here that these are appreciable improvements. I think that the addition of the drag-n-drop website builder, Zyro  and the fix of the .DE domains are the most major improvements. Zyro will allow us to market our hosting service to people without a technical know-how and the .DE fix is also important when you consider that .de is the most ccTLD and the second most popular TLD after .com


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I have stopped using YouHosting for quite a long time and my account has been cancelled due to inactivity. I don;t mind it much except I had some custom cPanel themes on that account I would like to use agains. I am also aware that YouHosting/Hostinger doesn't delete user data because of legal reasons. Is there any way to retrieve this data or get YouHosting to reactivate the account. I can't contact support either because I am not VIP {}My last account was also VIP D: {} Thanks in advance. Any information would be useful


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I have registered a domain name on As instructed, I have done the NS registration pointing it to the appropriate IPs. I have checked it twice over just to make sure. I also changed it under Configuration ---> Nameservers to to (real domain substituted) I have registered it on November 20,2013 giving in 48 hours to propagate but no avail! Anyone having a similar problem? Any one have any advice or a fix?

P.S. I contacted both and support today but I think the forum would be faster

Yup. It's more of an SEO thing and how high you are on SERPs.

Your site is different, unique and does use and overused design. That's good but what's bad is the brand.


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Al least use Gandi's free .me domain. It gives you little more credibility.


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I am going to try and I guess I'll try out Fatcow.

esnes wrote:

Fantastic. Great improvements Hope youhosting keeps improving.

BTW, aren't you intelligent enough to come up with your own comment.

@kingmagi: Everyone's acts like a noob once in a while


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@above: Maybe some .tk domains are still being used as master domains. Maybe the update has fully rolled out as of yet.

vinnicius wrote:
XPEric wrote:
vinnicius wrote:

I'm curious too, who owns the YouHosting?

Hostinger. The same people who own YouHosting, BoxBilling, and a few others.

That's why the scripts installed by AutoInstaller haves the website link and others that I don't remember right now. Thanks for letting me know.

That's annoyinh too! YouHosting should get rid of that. I mean how is that "white-labeled"


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What are going to do about it? Are you going to ask the admin for information regarding the server?

I'd be good to have 20 gigabytes diskspace and 200 GB of bandwidth for my master domain but I guess YouHosting has practical reasons not to allot it to us. I mean how many of us actually need more than 10 GB of HDD but the 100 GB bandwidth worries me.

Great improvements smile Hope youhosting keeps improving.