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Anyone know how to create a boxbilling theme?

I want to learn to do one myself, but anyone know of any sites that shows an easy way to integrate a design into boxbilling?

nathanjshilton wrote:

That may be so, but not everyone has the time to go through the YouHosting forums & googling how to do it & threads regarding it on BoxBilling's forum get removed.

Most people buy them for the support behind it. Musicboxset Limited has direct communication between BoxBilling developers & our technical team, now most distributors/resellers don't have this & has to open a support ticket on BoxBilling for their customer.

That's true, people will always need support so a license is good for that, hence why i skint myself at the time to buy a lifetime license as when i need support i know it's there, waiting for boxbilling staff from our end takes ages, hence why i didnt get a license direct.

Now that i dont need a license to put  test boxbilling license up so i can try my hands at creating themes for boxbilling well give it a try anyways lol. a new learning curve learning to skin, smile

Now if i had seen that i could of saved some money sad

I can vouch for them, i have a owned license with them and they are fantastic! even a custom theme done with them as well, very friendly staff and always willing to give a helping hand, Im ordering another theme for my box billing off them in a few weeks smile

NikoCodey wrote:
Hans wrote:

It's open source software, why would you pay for a license? Support? Good luck getting that through a reseller.

Thanks for the good luck! Found it https://www.musicboxset.co.uk/


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I know its an old thread, But does anyone have a copy of this design laying around they could share?


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I keep getting them, even tho im not a reseller with them anymore, i had 20 in one day!


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It redirects for me to http://www.hostinger.co.uk/error_404?


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Maybe free, But you pay for the ink it'll use to print that banner/voucher out lol


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I was thinking the same thing..

I've even seen sites offer domains at $1 for the first year, Cant they even afford that? LOL

Harry wrote:

Just wondering why people don't want to pay for a domain for under $10. I guess they have "no money" trying to make some extra pocket money from ground up, LOL.


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Provides a powerful cPanel to manage your website, packed with hundreds of great features including Email, FTP domain

Do you offer cPanel/WHM?


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Harry wrote:

And please do not hijack the thread, you can create your own thread.

He's not really hijacking the thread, just posting another offer if he wanted a server that he can get his own ip's, just like you advertised you sold servers etc


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I've used zpanel, Its a good panel

Just that i cant get it to send out emails


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"MRH-Operator: if you are using any billing script like boxbilling whmcs then it will create automatically"

But doesn't it say there that you get a billing application is included. Doesn't say about the license, just says download and install. Nulled copy i guess?



doesnt have any website addresses to the clients web addresses, How can people vertify them to see if they are real or not.


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Also been reported to Rackspace smile

Eric wrote:

No matter, reported rackspace.tk to Dot.tk. Just another jerk taken off the internet.


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Then maybe they should put "out of stock" so the "reseller" knows there isnt any space on the servers at the moment, instead of letting them order

Hans wrote:
FaNtAsTyCo wrote:

I do not understand why they are all full at the moment. I think that VPS reseller program issue is more important than what they do now.

Servers are "full" because they don't just fill the nodes up until they collapse under the high load. I presume they are busy adding the servers as we speak, or at least prepare these servers to be installed. You can complain what you want, but quality takes time unfortunately.

This might help a few people make a little bit of money.

It pays out as my mate uses them

the url is http://www.surveynetwork.co.uk/

Every little helps smile


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Very nice, i'm more a call of duty person myself :-D

IHOST! wrote:

I've just made a wallpaper for my Ghost Recon Online clan, and would like to show you it and get your opinion on it.

Here's a pick:

For full size and better view, go here:
http://clan.juplo.com/wp-content/upload … paper1.png

I dont say it looks like heart internet, but the template is provided free by heart internet smile

But apart from that, It looks ok

paddydaddy wrote:
Hans wrote:

- You call yourself "UnlimitedHostingFree", but you don't provide unlimited diskspace, bandwidth, websites (addon domains), email accounts or anything else unlimited.
- The template looks like it has been designed by and for Heart Internet, and you did a quite lousy job of modifying it (inappropriate content, way too many different fonts, plain wrong information about the hosting services you use (Windows hosting, Perl, Ruby)
- Hats off to you that you provide free .co.cc domains. Especially considering they closed shop half a year ago.

hi pal thank first of when i started i add a spear domain name http://doctersoftware.co.uk and www repaircourse co uk or www buywindows8 co uk so the best to go with was doctersoftware co uk
I'm completly new to hosting and making website html php ect iv only been learning html for 6mths
anyways as to unlimited hosting .co.uk or com

AND please see that no one gets unlimited hosting free you have to pay for unlimited hosting
see www unlimitedhostingfree com /premium-hosting  php

The only thing i need to change is the Bandwidth its 250gb and as for the co.cc it was meant to be cu.cc

the website looks nothing like www heartinternet co uk Nothing at all

Come on who thinks that unlimitedhostingfree looks like  heartinternet co uk


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I use kloxo.

Alexander wrote:
alecsoft wrote:

The VPS is my own and I got full root access. You would be able to choose the facility between New York, Florida and Amsterdam. And no Kloxo isn't out of date it's still used by a lot of hosting providers. I could increase the price and then use cPanel.

Tell me 5 providers that use kloxo.


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We do not allow any kind applications to be hosted here.
Applications such as, proxy scripts, shell scripts, online gaming scripts, file/image sharing scripts, chat scripts, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, buxto, torrent scripts cannot be hosted here. Account will be suspended and you will have a permission to reactivate it. If violation will occur again, account will be closed.

I think that refers to chat rooms not live help chat scripts as chat rooms you can have more then 1 person in the room which uses a lot more resources. A live chat support script is just one user and one operator. I would recommend http://mibew.org/  good live support script. .


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I just tried from the uk and the same error. country blocked lol

Looks like someones got a gold hammer or the forum has been hacked

Another one using the cpanel logo, They loved me the last time i reported someone, Not on this forum tho. But they was selling the logo for a profit.


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Thing we call "outsourced support"

but if he/she doesnt want to pay for that and wants to run it himself, they should learn html, css and managing hosting servers before he even considered it

eindustries wrote:
Dexxa wrote:

True. or hire someone who knows about stuff related to hosting.

Hans wrote:

Then start by just building a personal website and start learning from there. Don't start a web hosting company if you don't know anything about it.

If he doesn't know anything about web hosting or web programming languages how does he expect to provide support to customers? Let alone edit or manage his website.