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I'd like to close my YH account. Before that, I'd like to inform my customers (I have very few) that they need to move their website to another hosting. However, I've noticed that the backup tool is not working. If FTP, filemanager and backup are not working, how are they supposed to migrate their websites?

Re: Migrate customers' websites

They can compress the content through Web SSH and download it via http.
For mysql databases, export from phpmyadmin.

Assuming Web SSH and phpmyadmin are working fine.

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Re: Migrate customers' websites

I've connected via SSH in one account. The "cd" command seems to work. However, when typing "ls", "gzip" or "tar" it says "sudo: unknown user: uXXXXXXXXX".

However, when connecting SSH using my master account, the commands are working fine. I assume that when a customer logs in their account they will be able to use SSH without problems, won't they?

Re: Migrate customers' websites

AFAIK newer accounts don't have working SSH. I moved away a year ago when the backups tool still worked. To be honest, I'm not sure it's not too late to move away.

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Re: Migrate customers' websites

Ok, many thanks. By the way, in order to close YH account, is it enough to change the master domain DNS?