Topic: FTP Down Because of Security Breach.

Hostinger chief  Stuopelis responded to my requests for comment on LinkedIn, saying that it would be calling in law enforcement to investigate. He wrote: “At Hostinger and 000webhost we are committed to protect user information and our systems. We are sorry and sincerely apologize we didn’t manage to live up to that. In an effort to protect our users we have temporarily blocked all access to systems affected by this security flaw. We will re-enable access to affected systems after an investigation and once all security issues have been resolved.

“Our users sites will stay online and will be fully functional during this investigation. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities once our internal investigation has been completed. We advise our customers to change their passwords and use different passwords for other services.

“We became aware of this issue on the 27th of October and since then our team started to troubleshoot and resolve this issue immediately. We are still working 24/7 in order to identify and eliminate all security flaws. Additionally we are going to upgrade our systems in a close future. We hope we get back the service to our users soon.

“Our other services such as Hosting24 and Hostinger are not affected by this security flaw.” … 954cc17c18 … passwords/

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Re: FTP Down Because of Security Breach.

This data breach is old news m8. Happened in 2015.

We have moved the community I'll still pop in on here to see how things are going.

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