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Topic: Not playing games

Just letting you guys know that I have contacted Arnas Stuopelis, the CEO of Hostinger letting him know about your guys "don't care" attitude towards us bringing forward queries, and I will continue to fight this as my income has been on hold due to you guys

Re: Not playing games

Ha ha.. they give dash about your concern. Its a dead project and you better move on.

Re: Not playing games

If you are really worried about "your income" then you need to get a 'real domain' and not use a .tk domain for your website and invest and move to a dependable hosting reseller that will be in business in for the next 3-5 years....

Instead of wasting more time on youhosting, make better use of it and move any sites you can to a legit reseller asap with an accepted domain for your website...

I was never able to make anything on anybody that was trying to use a free domain for their website, of which most of the were spam/scam sites anyway and I always quickly deleted their accounts.

As cheap as VPS are now that is the best way to go as I now have web and mail hosting on several VPS's and a reseller account via hostgator that I picked up during one of their 80% off sales.

If you are wanting to stay with hostinger then get a reseller account thru hosting24 that will be 10 times better than you have now.

Not trying to be harsh or rude, just speaking the truth on this as youhosting is dead platform just waiting to be fully shutdown.

Re: Not playing games

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Re: Not playing games

Why must I spend money on a vps when there is a "Free" service such as youhosting? I have been using them since 2012, yes i had problems with them such as out dated scripts but I have found a way to work around it. But I cannot do anything about them all of a sudden not accepting dot tk domains.  They are too lazy to get off their asses and sort it out. It worked before, so they can make it work again. They just need to  get off their lazy asses and fix it, why is that too much to ask for these [removed] to do?

Re: Not playing games

YouHosting has not been updated for years and as it stands now they are far more likely to shut it down than to update it now.

Could Hostinger update it and make everything as good as or better than it was in 2012? Sure, they have the knowledge and the money. But why would they invest time and resources in a service they know isn't as successful as some of their other avenues?

And why is that too much to ask? Because you're too cheap to get your own infrastructure and expect others to pay everything for you. If you don't like YouHosting, leave. It's what most of us have done. Do you honestly expect Hostinger to pity you and fix everything for you even though you probably aren't even paying them for it?

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Re: Not playing games

It's too much to to ask of them because youhosting is not a profitable venture for them, simple as that. They could care less about youhosting and will shut it down entirely shortly. They never did care about their resellers so they certainly are concerned about you and your operation at this point. You can threaten to tell everyone via social media all you want but the fact is, anyone that knows what youhosting is, already knows very well it's a horrible quality hosting service and have been for a very long time now. Looks like your going to have to move to MOFH or pony up for you own infrastructure.

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