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Topic: New feature: Recaptcha

When opening YH control panel, there is an announcement that I've never seen before:

In order to prevent robot signups on our system, we have added Google reCAPTCHA for creating new accounts. Currently, your reseller account is not able to accept new accounts because you have not added your reCAPTCHA keys to our system.

To do that, please follow these steps:

    Signup at: Google Recaptcha
    Register new site by adding your master domain name: ho33.com
    You will get "Site key" and "Secret key". Copy them both.
    Paste these keys to the form below
    Your clients are able to setup accounts again!

Does this mean that YH is still alive?

Re: New feature: Recaptcha

I recently contacted support via public ticket and was told that the service is going to be left as it is. No updates or changes are planned. Happy big update everybody smile

Note: Hostinger likes to change its mind on things, don't cite me for this.

We have moved the community http://hosters.cc. I'll still pop in on here to see how things are going.