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Topic: Free Reseller Hosting.

Hello Everyone,

Most people asking and wondering if YouHosting died. Well they are not dead but they just do nothing here anymore. So its a abadoned protect. But for people that don't like myownfreehost (MOFH) can join our community. We offer free Reseller hosting to other people who can't offer a Reseller Account. Therefore can't people offer free hosting. If they do we have the premission to terminate their account without any notice. Here down below can you see the features and this is NOT for ADVERTISE our service. We just want to help people out.

Total Disk Limit: Unlimited
Disk Space Per Account: 5GB
Total Bandwidth limit: Unlimited
Bandwidth Per Account: 50GB
Features Extensions: 5
99,9% Uptime
cPanel Resold Accounts: (5) 10 + Your Own (You can upgrade for free!)
Forum Support.
Data Center: Los Angeles, California.

Still not convinced? link removed and try it for yourself

Re: Free Reseller Hosting.

You're showcasing features of your service as well as a link to it. This is the very definition of advertising.

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