Topic: YouHosting is dead (and why you can't sign up)

Short version:
Yes, YouHosting is dead and signups probably will never reopen.

Long version:
From 2010 to 2012, YouHosting was updated regularly and new features were frequently being added. Starting from 2013, the new features basically stopped and the last update through any official channel dates back to September 2013.

Since then, the quality has gone down. Features have broken down, server uptime went down and support took longer and longer to respond to messages.

This became even more apparent in the end of Summer 2015. In August, the signups for YouHosting have closed down. The message refers to a "signup limit" but as far as I know no-one has actually been able to create a reseller account since then.

As of September, FTP has broken down too, so it's impossible to access the files in any account (save for a very unstable web-based file manager). It was said to be a "temporary issue" and "solved within a week", but the issue still hasn't been fixed so far.

However, in January 2016, the nail was put in the coffin by breaking the e-mail system (so new user registrations couldn't be confirmed) and the DNS manager (so new accounts couldn't be visited by people). This combination made it impossible to welcome new users, which was the tipping point for most resellers.

Within the two weeks after that, most resellers jumped ship. Some of the bigger YouHosting resellers have announced they will move to Hostinger's free hosting platform (Hostinger is the company behind YouHosting). And those who weren't invited have moved to their own servers or moved to MyOwnFreeHosting, a service similar to YouHosting.

Considering this trend, it's very unlikely that Hostinger will update YouHosting. Everyone has abandoned it. So do yourself a favor and move on.

But if you just came here for a chat, be sure to check out, where we have moved the community to!

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