Topic: Reseller Club Settings


1) on reseller cpanel I set up on "Configuration - domain registration - Reseller Club Settings" data "ResellerClub ID, ResellerClub API Key",
2) on user cpanel when lick on "Domains - Register a New Domain" I receive error "Access Denied: You are not authorized to perform this action"
3) ResellerClub support told me "Please login to your reseller account>>Settings>>API>>Whitelist your IP Addresses and whitelist the correct outbound IP of your application here."

where I can find that IP on youhosting reseller control panel? Thank you.

Re: Reseller Club Settings

You don't get it do you? Stop asking support here, youhosting is dead, you cannot asking here to solve problems and it will never be. So once again stop submitting threads here, nobody will never help or taking a look what the problem is.

So that means, stop submit threads, all the errors that you will created will not solved!