Topic: Secondary master-domains for movement upwards

Hello dear friends. Me of this subject unfairly accused that I give wrong advice. Yours a personal choice to listen to the present councils which work or negative responses.
My last subjects have moved far... Here some of them in this section: … sting.html … video.html … rking.html … mages.html

Now I wish to reveal surprising secret of success: Register some cheap domains and use as secondary master-domains.
On these domains place the most popular sites on subjects.
For example: auto, Business, Animals, Games, The Internet, Catalogues of sites, Cinema and music, Medicine, Fashion and beauty, The real estate, Rest and meal, The nature, Advertising, Sports, Building, Tourism, Finance, Humour...

Give the domain to administration managerial control to the users on a competitive basis: As it was made by me

As a result very interesting advancement turns out: … twork.html

Thus at you own network of popular resources turns out. Your operating Managers advance a site (to it it favourably). You own a site as the domain on you is registered - to you it also favourably.

You become the large head and the owner of very large information network in different directions. Be not afraid to help the users. Among them the big professionals in the branch.

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Re: Secondary master-domains for movement upwards