Re: Free upgrade

Lewis wrote:
rubenmdh wrote:

The referrals system is a shi.. I prefer the 150 post upgrade.

To be able to verify that it's not just a duplicate account of yourself, you need to have at least ten referrals of which at least one is active OR two active referrals. If you share the link publicly, the first case shouldn't be a problem. When exchanging the referrals, only one active gets exchanged. One referral is one year VIP.

Kind regards.


Until YH gets updated, I wouldn't prefer any kind of upgrade.

So you'll have to wait a veeeery long time.

Kind regards.

I'm back!

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Re: Free upgrade

I'm fairly certain that 5 active referrals is 5 years of VIP. Seeing how you meet the "at least two active referrals" qualification, you don't need any more referrals.

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