Topic: My ideea of gain traffic and costumers

Hello to everyone, i just sign up with you hosting, so acctualy i'm novice in this, but i have a marketing strategi in my head and i need opinions and suggestions.

i want to partner with site of news or comedy, especialy that sites that make their own promotion on facebook with viral post.
I have some of these site in my target but before to talk with the i need some impressions, i want to propose to them to offer my hosting services in offer they have to post some ads on their website with my hosting, but the problem is that they have mostly of visitors aged 17-21 so i don't know if is a good idee.
And another question for this, youhosting servers can hold traffic of about 10.000 a day or more?

Re: My ideea of gain traffic and costumers

10k visitors over all sites on the reseller account, sure. 10k visitors on a single site, never. YouHosting is free hosting quality. If you want to sell high end hosting, YouHosting isn't the service for you.

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Re: My ideea of gain traffic and costumers

Most of the pages and groups on facebook having decent activity will not bother to waste their time on a website that stops after getting a few hundred visitors each hour.

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