Topic: Upgrading VPS?

Hello VPS resellers smile

I have a question for you, can you upgrade a user's VPS, or do you have to make a new one with the higher specs and copy the files?

Also, if so, can they do this themselves in the control panel?

Thanks smile

Matthew Stratford
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Re: Upgrading VPS?

It has been a while since I've last resold VPS but I'll do my best:

Users can upgrade their VPS at any time through an Upgrade button in the VPS panel. Then one of the following will happen:
- The credit on their current plan will be converted with the new price. If a user upgrades from a $10 plan to a $20 plan and still has 2 weeks credit, then the user will have 1 week credit on the $20 plan.
- All credit the user had previously will be lost. The user will have to pay like they would for a new VPS.

Regardless, the VPS will be upgraded automatically. All files and settings are kept as-is and the plan is changed with (next to) no downtime.

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Re: Upgrading VPS?

Mine question is same