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Topic: What I think about YouHosting

Free & Powerful but sometimes annoing

YouHosting is a great solution to start your own reseller buisiness. Of course it has some limitations to it. I recommend to buy VIP or SVIP to solve some of the common issues of YouHosting, for example the annoing "CPU limit" message.

YH is also great for, let them call "beginners" that don't want to struggle with administrating servers or even whole serverfarms. I really want to give you all a little clue: You should have the knowledge of how to design a homepage. If this recommendation is given, you can start your buisiness easially. Uniqe homepages are a customermagnet.

But thats not everything. Another great thing about YouHosting is that you can fully customize the ControlPanel if you know how. You can also sell VPS. Thats why I like YouHosting. Now we are coming to a part of the review that is never good for the company that are getting this review. The downsites of YouHosting:

Of course I were experiancing a lot of bugs in YouHosting. They were all fixed over time but still there are some. The servers (at least the mailservers) of YH are not 99.9% uptime. In my case that doesn't even matter but for you it maybe matters.

Overall, YouHosting is great to get into hostingbuisiness. Just try it. You have nothing to lo0se because it is free. If you have any questions reguarding YouHosting feel free to ask either me or someone else who is registered in this forum.

Marcel Menk

By the way: Excuse my bad english. I am a german guy.

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Re: What I think about YouHosting

Unfortunately, the upgrade to VIP/SVIP does not solve the CPU limit issues. Clients of SVIP/VIP still face the exact same issues. Even though youhosting says such limits are higher for VIP/SVIP resellers, there doesn't actually seem to be any difference and from a client perspective, there is no effective difference. Youhosting is a great place to learn and would be an amazing service if Hostinger gave it the attention it needs. As a free reseller service it's a sweet deal but at VIP/SVIP pricing...not so much.

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Re: What I think about YouHosting

YH and YH forum is the best place for learning everything.