Topic: Can not pay SVIP, Unverified state

How will I be able to pay for my invoice? My paypal is unverified state and it will be like this for a long time.
Can you admins not manage somehow so I can send the payment manually or something like this?

I can prove my identity with everything you need to know.
I got a high interest in YouHosting and I want to stick with you guys.

RivalityHosting Founder,
Abid Haissam.

Re: Can not pay SVIP, Unverified state

Please contact sales live chat for this issue as we cannot help you with this.

But if you can, verifying your PayPal account is the best thing you can do.

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Re: Can not pay SVIP, Unverified state

If I could i wouldn't be in position to ask this thing. I already asked through live chat and they refused me.