61 Closed: Website Import tool Extended

by wmid32

62 Closed: Micro API (JS database)

by wmid32

63 Closed: change captcha to recaptcha

by ArnaS

65 Closed: Multiple options to be cosidered

by uhostall

67 Closed: New CAPTCHA

by greezyatbeinggreezy

68 Closed: YouHosting Wiki

by Host4Ya

69 Closed: Please Update All Software Auto Installer

by KisnaHafizh

70 Closed: Please Update Joomla

by hostsa ( Pages 1 2 )

71 Closed: Footer links for free

by Makan

72 Closed: Not to register certain names

by ASG

73 Closed: Referrals system

by terox5

75 Closed: Increase CPU limit or buy a new ones !

by Me-Professional ( Pages 1 2 )

76 Closed: Email blocking system

by Beaver08

79 Closed: New hostinger autoinstaller

by wmid32

80 Closed: Translating admin panel

by alexbagirov

82 Closed: We need new cPanel.

by Limulisko

83 Closed: Add the .it extention.

by Ody

84 Closed: add masterindex scripts

by JaphinRaj JB

85 Closed: New Cpanel Login

by KisnaHafizh

86 Closed: New Reseller Hosting Plan

by webhostingsquare

89 Closed: Registration

by Qayamatraj20